Brand Story

Legend has it that in the Middle Ages during a period of time where there was no beautiful jewelry around, a prince once held a banquet to host princesses.  The daughters of many noble families all tried their best to dress up. There was this one craftsman who found some rough diamonds and recommended them to one of the girls. The artisan used the most traditional method to slowly and finely cut the diamonds. Although it was time consuming, he finished a crafted jewelry necklace.
The delicate and perfect cutting and the symmetrical proportion had no flaws,
and it was also the prototype of the earliest jewelry necklace.
The beautiful necklace just showed the fire and brilliance, bringing out the beautiful face and skin of the girl and making her look even more attractive. The noble girl wore the necklace to join the ball. The prince was attracted by the vaguely flashing fire of the gemstones in the noisy and bustling crowd. He walked toward the girl and their love story began. Clothing is a necessity to let girls make up their appearance and build their perfect selves.

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